Davis County Gardening


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    Davis County Gardening

    Horticulture is the art and science of growing plant material. Whether your interests are in vegetables and fruits, ornamentals, or even if you just want to have a greener lawn, USU Extension can help provide useful, research-based information.  

    USU Botanical Center Farmers Market

    Apples and Plums

    What: Come buy food and support local growers, gourmet food producers, and artisans.

    When: Every Thursday from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. July through September.

    Where: USU Botanical Center (875 South 50 West, Kaysville, Utah 84037)


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    Garden and Plant Diagnostic Clinics

    Plant Diagnostic Lab

       What: Get help diagnosing what disease or insect may be pestering your garden.

       When: Tuesdays, 9 AM to NOON. 

       Where: 80 E Sego Lily Drive, Kaysville UT 84037.

       Phone: (435) 919-1336

       Email: usudavishotline@gmail.com  

    COVID-19 Update: We have limited our clinic to one day a week during this unprecedented time. We recommend taking pictures (detailed and in-focus) and submitting them via email and/or calling BEFORE visiting the clinic for assistance. Many issues can be diagnosed without in-person contact, but please be aware that responses will only come on Tuesdays. We are encouraging our Master Gardeners at the clinic to wear masks and encourage the public to as well. If you visit the clinic, for your safety and the safety of our Master Gardener volunteers, please practice safe social distancing and remain 6 ft. from our volunteers and from any other member of the public.

    Master Gardener Program

    Master Gardener program

    Have you always wanted to learn more about gardening? Do you want to help the community with your gardening knowledge? Now is your chance!

    The Master Gardener class is $235 and will give you the opportunity to learn about basic botany, soils and fertilizers, irrigation, fruits and vegetables, and so much more.

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    For questions contact Stacie Stone (435) 919-1333, stacie.stone@usu.edu
    Check out our new Gardening APPS for your smart phone: extension.usu.edu/apps

    Revised: May 1, 2018