4-H Horse Programs

Horse Shows

2021 Dates:

Rookie clinic: May 22nd

Western Individual Show Dates:

  • Show #1 June 5th 8:30am
  • Show #2 June 21st and 22nd 6:00Pm
  • Show #3 July 13th and 14th 6:00pm
  • Show #4 as per fair

Western Camp: July 6th-8th

Two-Hand show Dates:

  • Show #1 June 28th 5:30pm
  • Show #2 July 19th 5:30pm
  • Show #3 August 2nd 5:30pm

English Camp: June 1st-3rd

English Show Dates:

  • Show #1 June 14th 5:30pm
  • Show #2 As per fair

Region Show dates: July 27th in Oakley

State Show Dates: Sept 22nd-25th Salina


Cache County Fair Grounds


Horse Council Bylaws and Utah 4-H Western Horse Book

Helpful Resources

2021 Patterns Coming Soon...

Assuring the health and safety of all 4-H youth and the health and safety of their horses is important to the 4-H program. The threat of infectious disease is always present with horses traveling around the region to various events.  It is difficult to predict when or where a serious disease outbreak may occur.

For these reasons all 4-H horse program participants are encouraged to monitor the temperature of their horses and learn and observe clinical signs of illness. We encourage parents and leaders to help 4-H members reduce the risks of serious health issues from spreading to other horses in the community by teaching and practicing sound biosecurity precautions. 

The Cache County 4-H Horse Council and members have adopted Biosecurity rule which will closely monitor any health warnings or outbreaks of infectious diseases in neighboring counties and take direction from the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food Animal Industry Division.  

In the event of an identified elevated risk of infection the Biosecurity Rule will become “Active.” During an “Active” situation all horses arriving at a 4-H activity or event must have their temperature taken before unloading.  Any horse with a temperature of 102.0 degrees will not be allowed to participate at the event.  See the complete Biosecurity Rule for more detail.