Market Livestock & Poultry

Utah Junior Turkey Show 

Most everyone knows 4-H and FFA are organizations that help youth develop skills they will use for the rest of their lives.  Youth are able to develop skills such as how to run a meeting, express opinions in front of a group, set goals, and be responsible for caring and feeding of a livestock project.  Through these experiences, members gain leadership, self-confidence and develop trust and responsibility. The Utah State Junior Turkey Show is just one of many programs that assist youth in developing these traits. 
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Showing Livestock?

Box Elder County 4-H programs support the directors of the Box Elder Junior Livestock show by offering educational clinics and 4-H club support. For questions regarding the rules and regulations of the Box Elder Junior Livestock Show we encourage youth to reach out to the directors of thier species using the links below. 
*Youth MUST be age 8 AND in 3rd grade to participate in large animal projects as of September 1, 2022.
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Other Clinic Resources

If you need a refresher, or missed the clinic, you can watch the meeting videos and interact with the resources shared during the clinic in our archive.

Portfolio Information & Cover Letter Objectives

  • Summarize what project(s) you have participated in 4-H and what knowledge and skills you have gained. 
  • What would you consider the most significant 4-H experience you have had this year and why?
  • Provide details on the impacts of 4-H community service and how these experiences have affected your community. 
  • Explain what you have done in 4-H that has challenged you to grow, and pushed you out of your comfort zone.

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