Stokes Ornamental Grass & Iris Garden

The Stokes Ornamental Grass & Iris Garden is a teaching garden located on the southwest corner of the USU Botanical Center. It was established in 2011 through a generous gift from Deloris Stokes and his children to honor the memory of Eleda Vee Smith Stokes. It is home to our largest collection of irises. It also features a labyrinth and large display of ornamental grasses and crabapple trees making it stunning in every season!

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stokes garden

Eleda Vee Smith Stokes loved to grow and nurture all sorts of things: children, grandchildren, young people, missionaries, and gardeners. She loved to create beautiful things that enriched the lives of her family, friends, and countless others. Eleda Vee worked with her husband Deloris to build a prominent farm and ranching operation in northern Utah. He and their children honor her memory with this garden and the hope that it brings beauty and learning to visitors' lives.