Edible Demonstration Garden

The Edible Demonstration Garden was installed at the USU Botanical Center in 2015 with the purpose of showcasing different and unique varieties of edible crops that can successfully be grown in Northern Utah. Vegetable plantings include raised beds of various heights and a traditional in-ground garden.

The garden also showcases small fruits including raspberry, blackberry, currant, gooseberry, honeyberry, and goji berry. Three types of trellising methods are demonstrated for cane fruits. The Backyard Orchard, adjacent to the Edible Demonstration Garden showcases forty varieties of grapes, heirloom and modern apple varieties, peaches, plums, apricots, pluots, and pears, all of which are well suited to Northern Utah climate and soil types. Three water conserving methods of irrigation are shown in the garden.

Visitors are welcome to walk through and taste different fruits and vegetables in the garden, however, we as that you do not harvest food to take home. Food from the garden is donated to various organizations in Davis County to help feed those who are food insecure and in need of assistance.

The edible demonstration garden at USU Botanical Center is open to the public seven days a week from dawn to dusk.

Join us for tastings and live music on Wednesday evenings in 2024. Click here for the schedule.

top view of edible garden
tomato in raised bed
Tomato planted in raised bed garden
planting day
Planting day
Swings were installed 2019
fruit trees
Fruit trees with spring blooms
signange in or
Fruit tree demonstration orchard
Orchard in summer