Tips and Tricks for Building Your Scarecrow

• Scarecrows will be subject to the weather for two weeks and need
to be constructed with weather- resistant material. Clothing that
does not fade easily, such as nylon and polyester, hold up better
than cotton. Spray Scotchgard™ on the inside and outside of
clothes to prevent mildew.

• Be mindful of outdoor temperatures and the products you use.
For example, hot glue melts in hot temperatures and is not going
to stand up in extreme heat.

• Scarecrows must be constructed on a frame with a post that can
be stabilized in the ground. Your registration fee includes one or
more frames. Don’t limit your design based on the frame.

• Stuffing can be anything, but newspaper or water-soluble peanuts
alone will not work. These materials would need to be placed
inside plastic bags for stuffing.

• Facial expression is the first thing a viewer will notice. Use an old
milk jug, pot, wood, basketball, soccer ball, pillowcase or burlap
bag (with a painted or sewed-on face).

• Ideas for hair and head: gourds, yarn, broom, corn, shredded
plastic, moss, raffia, or old mop head.

• Clothes are usually the easiest part and FREE – or nearly so.
Check thrift stores or the back of your closet for colorful and
cheap clothing and accessories.

• These scarecrows will be out in the Garden in a variety of weather
conditions, so make sure everything is secure. Most scarecrows
will get wet due to weather or sprinklers. Sewing is best, but large
safety pins or staples will work well. Cardboard and paper will not
withstand the weather.

• Remember the details – a glittering pair of high-heeled shoes, for
example, may make all the difference


Scarecrow Building Fine Print Regulations 

  • Builders are responsible for transport, set up, and removal of scarecrows, props, and scenes to and from the USU Botanical Center.
  • Scarecrows that reflect controversial social or political situations will not be accepted. It is up to the discretion of the Scarecrow Walk Committee to determine if a scarecrow violates these terms.
  • The USU Botanical Center is not responsible for lost or damaged items. If your scarecrow escapes, it’s not on us… you know how haunted this place can get!

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