Publications and Websites on Stormwater Pollution and Pollution Prevention

The following sections contain information on protecting surface water, protecting groundwater, reducing Impervious Surface Areas, creating Best Management Practices to increase filtration, and reducing urban pollution.

Educational Materials

Storm Drain Stenciling
Information for community groups.

Salt Lake County Stormwater Coalition
Information for kids including comics, activity books, CD ROM, and a video. Also, brochures for adults, storm drain placards, and an informational guide for automotive businesses.

Stormwater Activity Book
For kids. USU Water Quality Extension

Information about drinking water and ground water for kids and teachers (K-12) including games, activities, and lesson plans.

Publications Relating to Stormwater


Identifying Risks to Water Quality in Urban Areas
using Impervious Surface Analysis

Home Gardening: Quick Tips to Efficient Watering

EPA Stormwater Publications

Rainwater Harvesting

Additional Websites

Center for Watershed Protection