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    Lawn Care

    Weeds and Common Insect Problems

    Utah State University is the resource for identifying and resolving problems with weeds and pests in the Intermountain West. Whether you have an invasive plant, or a pesky bug attacking your plants, the Utah Pests resources are your best stop to find an answer.

    Utah Pests - Insect Problems

    Insect resources include:

    • Armyworms and cutworms
    • Billbig
    • Black grass beetle
    • Chinch bug
    • Crane fly
    • ... and much more.

    Utah Pests - Disease Problems

    Disease resources include:

    • Winter diseases such as white and pink molds
    • Necrotic Ring Spot
    • Summer Patch
    • Fairy Ring
    • Powdery Mildew

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