4-H Leadership Pathways

Youth have the creativity, connectivity and availability to make a difference now.

Our communities, our nation and the world, needs leaders.
Leaders for tomorrow, and yes, leaders for today. 

4-H Leadership has pathway opportunities to grow and develop just like any other project area. Each experience provides new challenges and possibilities for growth. State level positions are there to build state programs and teach advance skills for the youth to take back and use in their local communities. Movement along the pathway indicates an increased challenge level and effort/time required to serve.

Youth studying together


leadership pathways

Learn more about the roles and responsibilities and details of each leadership opportunity available to 4-H members from 3rd - 12th grade! 


Youth involved in leadership with Utah 4-H will:

  • Develop leadership and decision making skills through club activities and curriculum
  • Mentor, encourage, and teach other 4-H youth
  • Plan and implement 4-H events
  • Complete community service-leadership activities
  • Attend workshops, conferences and events that focus on leadership skills and development
  • Take on leadership positions at the county, regional, state, and national level

Leadership Gives Youth a Voice

Youth voice includes the ideas, opinions, perspectives, initiatives and actions of young people. In an adult-driven society, actions must be taken to incorporate more youth perspectives into our communities.