In order to appear on the Utah 4-H Judges list participants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be in Good Standing
  • Pass the written exam with a minimum score of 80%
  • Be 18 years or older AND no longer participating in 4-H as a youth member

Certification Tests

Certification Test

Rule Books

Judges can take the test any time.  You are allowed to refer to the rulebook during the test, but the test will be timed.  Judges have 3 attempts to get the required score.

After a judge has passed the test, they will receive a form via e-mail to submit with their information that will appear on the judge list.  Once the form is complete, certified judges will be added to the list.

If you have any questions or issues accessing the information, contact: Jessie Hadfield |



4-H Horse Judges List | 2023-24

4-H Volunteer Scribe List | 2023-24

**If you would like to be added to the Horse Judges list, please contact Jessie Hadfield |

Judges list explained:

Cert. Western/Cert. English: Shows which disciplines the judge has certified in

Good Standing: The overall evaluations of the judge received have been positive. There are no official complaints outstanding. Judges must be in good standing in order to appear on this list.

Written Test: The judge has passed the written exam with a minimum score of 80%. Judge must pass this test to appear on this list. 

Attended Training: The judge attended the Utah 4-H Judge Certification Training. (Not required)

Practice Judge Training: The judge participated in a practice judging contest and scored a minimum of 60% (not required)

Judged at State Level: The judge has been hired at a state-level event (not required)

Other Cards Held: The judge has completed certification for these other organizations (not required)


The Utah 4-H Horse Council holds an annual judge’s training and review each year. This event, when held on even years, is a refresher course for judges and a practice for aspiring and current judges alike. Trainings held during odd years is an in-depth training to cover everything you need to know to judge a Utah 4-H horse show. This training carefully reviews the rules of the program, takes an in-depth look at each event and how to judge it, and offers the opportunity to practice judging. Judges are able to certify on-site and be added to our judges list. While attending the training is not required to be a Utah 4-H horse show judge, it is highly recommended.

Who: Interested Judges, 4-H Volunteers and Staff, and 4-H Intermediate - Senior aged youth

More information on the Horse Program Training Event page