Youth Councils

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What is TSI?

Give Youth a Voice!

Youth Councils provide youth with an experience that can create a sense of belonging, build their interpersonal skills, develop leadership and enhance their resume for future college and career opportunities.

Youth Councils empower youth with the knowledge and ability to enact change in their environment. Councils are uniquely positioned to incubate the life skills needed for positive youth development. Here you will find information on best practices and resources to facilitate the development of youth council members, the council as a team and how their collaborative actions will impact their community.

Approximately 29% of Utah’s population is under the age of 18. Involving this population in our local governments can make a valuable impact. Young people today have the creativity, connectivity and availability to make a difference in their communities not just as future leaders but as leaders today. As youth make a difference on youth councils today they become inspired to continue to serve in local government for many years to come.

What is a Youth Council?

A Youth Council is composed of an adult advisor(s) and a group of youth that can range in age from 12-18. Youth Councils are usually formed to engage youth in a specific effort like promoting youth voice in local government, promoting the arts/science, or some other outreach effort.

How Do I Create a Youth Council?

It starts with you! Use the step-by-step guide: How to Form a Youth Council. 

I Have a Youth Council. What Now?

That is excellent! A youth council will be a valuable asset in your community. There are many resources we have available to help you along the way in this journey! Check out the Utah Youth City Council Guide to get you started as well as our many other resources. Join the UAYC. 


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