Teen Spheres of Influence

Empowering Youth to Enact Change.

TSI Program Model

Teen Spheres of Influence (TSI) is a model that describes how any individual can become an engaged force for good in their community. This simple model outlines how each of us have a sphere of influence, and how that sphere of influence can be expanded beyond ourselves to engage others. At each level there are skills and abilities that, if developed, enhance the effectiveness of that sphere of influence.



Personal ethics/values, confidence, time management, resilience, etc.


Interpersonal communication, conflict management, shared vision, teamwork, etc.


Planning, implementation, collaboration, marketing, etc.

A youth council can use this model to first build the individual skills of their members, then strengthen their abilities to be an effective team, for the purpose of using those skills to positively impact their community in a meaningful way.  

TSI model graphic of self, team, and community with interlocking spheres

Program Purposes

  • Build developmental relationships between Youth Councils and their advisers
  • Strengthen knowledge and skills for Youth Council Advisors – Program Quality
  • Develop leadership/soft skills, mental health awareness and college and career readiness in teens of Youth Councils. 
  • Provide service-learning and near-peer mentoring opportunities for Youth Councils in local communities.

Desired Outcomes

  • Increased Self-Efficacy and Resilience/”Grit” leading to a reduction in risky behaviors. 
  • Not only can youth be the leaders of tomorrow, they can be the leaders of today.
  • Application of what the Youth Council learn in planning at least two community outreach programs/events
  • Youth driven/youth lead (not following orders)
  • Use service-learning model to plan and implement the program/event.
  • Incorporate near-peer mentoring opportunities 


Ready to implement the Teen Spheres of Influence model? Start here!
The TSI Guidebook will walk you through the council year month by month. 

TSI Guidebook



Why Partner with 4-H?

4-H is the only positive youth development program tied to the National Land Grant University system. Today 4-H is one of the largest youth organizations with over 6 million members engaged in STEM, Leadership, Healthy living and of course Agriculture and Natural Resources. 4-H brings University expertise, training, curriculum and institutional knowledge to any partnership. In a longitudinal study, Tufts University compared 4-Hers with participants in other youth programs. The study found 4-Hers have better grades, are two times more likely to attend college, and 41% make healthier life and relationship choices. In addition, 4-Hers are 3.4 times more likely to delay sexual intercourse through high school. Partnering with 4-H staff provides you access to resources, knowledge and the experience to effectively train staff and implement needed non-formal, research-based life skills education programs.

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