What do renewable energy and cookies have in common? How can you make some tasty treats completely powered by the sun? Check out the virtual demonstration of the creation of a pizza box oven and make some solar cookies of your own! Being aware of personal energy usage and ways to conserve energy is a growing attribute of today's society and this demonstration will provide a great opportunity for youth to think about creative ways to engage with energy generation and consumption. All the materials needed for these activities can easily be found at home and the video demonstrations and informational slideshow can be viewed at any time. 

WHO: Utah Air Force-connected youth who just completed 7th - 10th grades

WHEN: Names of challenge participants will be drawn at the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

WHAT: A virtual video demonstration, accompanied by a renewable energy concepts presentation and a "Do & Snap a Pic" challenge which will be submitted here.

WHERE: Watch this online video demonstration

HOW: Watch the video.  Click on the right directional arrow to advance through the video.  Do the solar baking experiment.  Read through the PowerPoint.  Fill out the survey and share pics to be entered into the drawing for a STEM kit.

COST: Free*, thanks to 4-H Military Partnerships Program Grant Funding

Renewable energy PowerPoint can be found here.