SPARK Teams: Find yourself in 4-H

SPARK Teams serve as as County level design team. A 4-H Design Team is a group of teens who come together to create and implement a specific 4-H event. The Design Team is focused for a short period of time; as such time commitments may vary based upon the needs of the event or activity. Therefore, there are multiple opportunities to participate on a SPARK Team in a variety of leadership capacities. Spark Teams may change from event to event and year to year. Youth may apply to one or all teams based upon their interests and available time commitments.

Each Team consists of 3-7 youth including a Team Lead(s). Smaller teams are responsible for Outreach and Clubs, whereas larger teams are responsible for larger events.
SPARK Team Opportunities Include: 
  • Outreach Day Camp Teams (3rd – 8th grade; 2020-21)
  • SPARK Club Teams (2020-21). 

For more information contact Melanie Ogan at
SPARK Team application information can be found HERE. 

For more information contact Melanie Ogan at

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