Computer Science

Utah County 4-H provides opportunities for youth to engage to learn and grow in the are of Computer Science.  Through workshops and learning clinics youth learn and practice computer science skills using a variety of resources.  

Computer science is not just about building computers or writing computer programs (programming or coding).  However, Utah County 4-H utilizes this coding as our primary focus and sees coding as a means to ends.  

Embedded into your activities are the critical deep thinking and develop computational thinking skills youth require in their future CS careers and in life.

Computer Scientists use a thinking process called "computational thinking"; a problem-solving process used in many careers and disciplines. 

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In addition, engineers, designers, and many other career areas use the Design Theory Process as they create and improve their products or ideas.  The key steps are:
  • Experimenting  and Iterating  
    • Developing  a  little  bit,  then trying  it  out,  then developing  more
  • Testing  and  Debugging  
    • Making  sure  things  work  and  finding  and solving  problems  when they  arise
  • Reusing  and  Remixing  
    • Making  something  by  building  on  existing  projects  or  ideas
  • Abstracting  and  Modularizing  
    • Exploring  connections  between the  whole  and  the  parts 
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The purpose of the CS Playbook is to provide elements of 4-H Positive Youth Development in tandem with the latest CS resources and activities. It also provides guidance for incorporating CS into various 4-H delivery modes or content areas, and may serve as a blueprint for 4-H educators, volunteers and teen leaders to integrate CS into any aspect of the 4-H experience.

You can download the full Playbook and navigate the menus below which have direct links to Playbook resources.

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Utah County and Utah 4-H provide many opportunities for youth to practice and develop their skills in the area of STEM.  Please visit our contest page for more detailed information.

County 4-H Opportunities

State 4-H Opportunities

  • Photography Contests
  • K-2 STEM Learning Series
  • STEM Bee Competition
  • Innovation Fair Showcase
  • Future City & Tomorrow Land Competitions
  • Mini-Tinker Lab
  • Workshops & Clinics
  • STEM Ambassadors
  • Hack-a-thon
  • Design Challenge
  • Digital Arts Competition
  • TRY Team Trainings
  • i4-H Camp
  • May the 4th Family Day
  • Drone Workshop & Competition
  • Game Design Challenge

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