April 18, 2024

What To Do If You Find a Baby Bird

By Swaner Preserve & EcoCenter | April 18, 2024

It’s spring, which means baby animals of all kinds are starting to appear! This flowchart from the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association is a helpful resource in determining whether a baby bird needs a helping hand.

Oftentimes, baby birds and other wildlife need to be left alone and parents are nearby. Other times, they may need help to get back in the nest. If you find injured or orphaned wildlife, it’s in the best interest of the animal to be cared for by a trained and permitted wildlife rehabilitator. Attempting to help without the guidance of one is not only illegal in most places, but is also dangerous to both the animal and person. 

Swaner is not an animal rehabber and cannot legally accept injured or orphaned birds or other animals. Contact licensed wildlife rehabbers, such as our own local Park City Wildlife Rehab!

person holding baby bird above box on a lawn

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