April 15, 2024

Loss of the Beaver Population by the Swaner EcoCenter

By Swaner Preserve & EcoCenter | April 15, 2024

Between March 23 and April 2, five dead beavers were discovered near the Swaner Preserve & EcoCenter by Swaner staff. All five beavers shared one lodge outside the EcoCenter, and samples collected from one of the beavers tested positive for tularemia. We are very sad to have lost these animals and the impressive ecosystem services and educational opportunities they provided.

Tularemia is caused by a bacteria and is an infectious disease that is often fatal in rabbits, hares, and other rodents, including beavers. Human cases typically result from the bite of a tick or deerfly or when someone handles rabbits or hares killed during hunting season. Health officials encourage residents to take protective actions against ticks and deerflies as the season changes, ticks and deerflies can carry multiple diseases. Wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt, insect repellent, and check for ticks after spending time outside. Anyone who sees dead rabbits, beavers or other rodents should not touch the carcasses and should report them to their nearest DWR office.

Other deceased beavers have been found in surrounding counties. For more information on this, please refer to this press release from the DWR. Learn more about tularemia from the CDC and follow this guide on how to prevent tick bites.

closeup of three beavers swimming in a pond

Photo by Aidan Cone

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