In the West, water is one of our most valuable commodities. Learn how to reduce your water use, and also explore USU research concerning water conservation, lesson plans to incorporate in the classroom, funding opportunities and more.

Water will be the coal of the future

Jules Verne 1874

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Graywater Systems

Why irrigate only with treated drinking water when you can supplement your irrigation needs through an effective graywater system?

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Brian Greene from USU Water Quality Extension explains how rain barrels can improve our water quality and conserve water.

Brian Greene from USU Water Quality Extension shows how to build your own rain barrel.


Brian Greene from USU Water Quality Extension shows how to install a diverter for your rain barrel.

A webinar from May 28, 2020 on integrated rainwater harvesting with Moab-based permaculture designer Jeff Adams. Even in the desert, you can have a productive landscape without relying solely on municipal water! The webinar covers a broad view of techniques and best practices to catch, store and direct rainwater to where it matters most in your garden or backyard.

Jeff Adams from Terrasophia LLC shows strategies for permaculture and climate resiliency on both a small and large scale.

USU Extension Sustainability Professor Roslynn Brain discusses the grey water system attached to her home in Moab, UT.

Joanna Endter-Wada at TEDxUSU discusses the political and ethical debates surrounding water usage in the the western United States.

Jeremy Lynch gives a tour of the permaculture garden on the USU Moab Campus.

How USU Extension works to change water challenges into water sustainability.


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Rural Connections: Water in the Western U.S.

IN THIS ISSUE: The Future of Western Water Law; Is the Failure to Acknowledge Tribal Interests Fueling the Water Crises?; Time and Nature; Western Households' Water Values; Hydrological Impacts of Traditional Irrigation Systems in New Mexico; Constructed ...

Additional Journal Articles & Reports