Water Cycle Lesson Plans

Download the entire manual, or just the pdfs of each lesson plan below:

A Drop in the Bucket Grade K-6

Through a visual presentation, the students will learn the different sources of freshwater and the relative ratios of these water sources on the earth.  15-25 min.

Incredible Journey Grade K-6

Students become water molecules as they simulate the movement of water through the water cycle.  30-45 min.

Water Cycle Relay Race Grades K-6

Students will review the water cycle through a relay race vocabulary game. 15-20 min.

Water Cycle Drama Grades K-6

Students learn the different parts of the water cycle by acting them out. They will play a game similar to charades.  15-20 min.

Water Cycle Word Search, Song, Cross word, and Drip's Journey Grades K-6

Students These activities can be used to enhance or reinforce concepts and vocabulary words learned in the Water Cycle Lesson Plans.