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Anxiously Engaged 

Anxiously Engaged is a free online, 6 hour educational workshop designed to help engaged couples increase their understanding of the marriage commitment they are making and strengthen the foundations of their relationship. It is specifically designed for couples who are believing members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Workshop Authors:

  • Dr. Alan Hawkins
  • Kathryn Pond Sargent
  • Tamara Gilliland

For questions, contact

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Creating a Lasting Love: BYU Premarital Workshop 

This premarital workshop focuses on four themes:

Couples are expected to attend all 5 sessions. At least on partner in the couple must be a BYU student qualify to take the course free.

  1. What does a healthy relationship look like?
  2. Communication and handling conflict positively: Do you want to be right or do you want to be married?
  3. Healthy sexuality in marriage: The talk your parents wanted to have with you
  4. Unity: Equal partnership and defining dreams of what you both want your marriage to be about

Couple LINKS - Healthy Relationships Utah

This free research-based course is offered in a group setting with both virtual and in-person options, and covers topics such as intimacy and romantic love, developing and maintaining trust, forgiveness, resiliency and commitment, and more. Note that this class is a general relationships skills course; it is not tailored specifically to engaged couples. But it teaches important skills that will help engaged couples build a stronger marriage. For information on class times and locations here!

ePREP Online Relationship Education Course 

ePREP is a leading online class that will help you understand yourself, your partner, and your relationship better. And it will help you improve your communication skills and ability to resolve conflicts. It also will help you improve your fun and friendship together. A good deal of research has found this program to be effective in helping couples strengthen their relationships. Note, however, that this class is a general relationships skills course; it is not tailored specifically to engaged couples. But it teaches important skills that will help engaged couples build a stronger marriage. 

Engaged Utah couples can receive a code for free access to the ePREP online relationship education curriculum HERE. 

Smart Steps for Step Families 

Stepfamilies can be successful! This free 7-session course meets once a week for two hours and is for dating, cohabitating, or remarried couples or individuals who have a child or children from a previous relationship. 

In each session, you'll cover topics like life changes, handling emotion, communication, and navigating conflict. In the last half hour of each session, you'll learn a specific component of the lesson to teach your child(ren). 

Note, that this class is a general family relationships skills course; it is not tailored specifically to engaged couples. But it teaches important skills that will help engaged couples build a stronger marriage or remarriage.

Continued government funding of this free Healthy Relationship Utah course depends on course completion, so please plan to attend all sessions. Virtual and in-person options are available. 

Utah Valley University Stronger Families Project 

The Stronger Families Project (SFP) is a nationally and internationally recognized parenting and family strengthening program for families and is taught through UVU at locations throughout Utah County. Stronger Families Project classes and events.  Note, however, that this class is a general family relationships skills course; it is not tailored specifically to engaged couples. But it teaches important skills that will help engaged couples build a stronger marriage.

Approved Relationship Education Courses (Fee Charged)

Before We Say "I Do": A Comprehensive Premarital Education and Counselling Program

This program offers the most comprehensive premarital preparation for couples in Utah. This structured (but flexible) program is designed to be highly personalized to your individual and couple needs and goals and offers 8, 50-minute sessions with a trained relationship educator and therapist. Before each session with the therapist, couples will engage in online videos, readings, worksheets, discussion questions, and a comprehensive relationship assessment that will highlight your strengths and potential areas of challenge that will be reviewed each session. Couples will explore together and with the relationship educator topics such as communication, conflict resolution, finances, sexual intimacy, personal emotional and mental health, the newlywed years, keeping your love alive, and many more topics to evaluate, educate, and enrich your relationship. Sessions can be done at our office in Provo or online. For more details, please text or call Dr. Jeremy Boden at, or visit for more information.

Building a Lasting Connection ® 

Based on the latest attachment and education research the Building a Lasting Connection® Program is designed to provide couples with the essential components their relationships need to build a lasting love that will stay strong to weather the storms of life.

Topics include building a secure attachment, effective communication, dealing with differences, developing a healthy intimate and sexual relationship, making and supporting each other's goals.

Catholic Engaged Encounter

Catholic Engaged Encounter is an investment in the future: A weekend in which an atmosphere is created for each couple to concentrate exclusively on one another, free of the tensions, pressures and interruptions of daily living. A series of presentations, led by a team of married couples (and sometimes a Priest), encourage the engaged couple to privately discuss many aspects of marriage (including their ambitions, goals, and attitudes about God, money, sex, children, and family; their strengths and weaknesses, and their role in Church and society) from the perspective of their own relationship. Couples of all faiths and inter-faith couples are welcome to participate in this program, not just Catholic couples.

Learn more or sign up here.

Catholic Marriage Prep Online

Offered in English, Spanish and French, work one-on-one with a certified instructor couple at your own pace (up to 3 months). Online worksheets foster conversation between the couple and are followed up with personalized feedback from their instructors.

Couples needing to complete the online marriage preparation in less than four weeks may sign up for an expedited “Urgent Care program”

Learn more or sign up here.

Dr. Wolf Utah Premarital Course Online

You are getting married in Utah. Congratulations!! It’s time to embark on a transformative journey for a lifetime  of deep emotional closeness and unwavering partnership. Discover the research-based blueprint to fortify your relationship and make it last a lifetime.

Picture a life where you:

  • Cultivate a profound emotional bond with yourself and your partner. 
  • Craft a fresh vision rooted in your true desires. 
  • Halt impulsive reactions that breed pain and distance. 
  • Prevent harmful conflicts before they even begin. 

If you are ready to lay the foundation for a lifetime of enduring emotional intimacy and unbreakable connection, check out “Making Your Love Last Forever”, a 100% online ALL VIDEO INTERACTIVE premarital preparation program that is so much fun and engaging that you’ll forget it is science-based.  This course is created and presented by former Professor of Psychology, Dr. Liliana Wolf. Dr. Wolf is ranked in the top 1% in the specialty of marriage and family nationally by Healthgrades seven years in a row. 

Take it at your own pace. When you finish, you can receive a $20.00 Utah Marriage Education Discount (MED) certificate  the same day you complete the course. At only $19.00 per couple, the course more than pays for itself. 

Learn more or sign up here.

College & University Courses that Qualify for MED

Weber State University

Weber State University

CHF 2400 - Family Relations

CHF 1400 - Marriage & Romantic Relationships

Brigham Young University


SFL 223 - Preparation for Marriage

SFL 200 - Eternal Families

@ BYU Provo Campus & BYU Salt Lake Center*

*You do not need to be a registered BYU student to sign up. Get started!

University of Utah

University of Utah

FCS 2400 - Modern Family: A Lifecourse Perspective

Utah State University

Utah State University

HDFS 2400 - Marriage & Family Relationships

Southern Utah University

Southern Utah University

FLHD 2400 -Marriage and Family Relations

FLHD 4250 - Marital Problems and Solutions

Utah Valley University

Utah Valley University

FAMS 1150 - Marriage & Relationship Skills

Salt Lake Community College

Salt Lake Community College

FHS 2400 -Marriage & Family Relations

Utah Tech University

Utah Tech University

FSHD 2400 - Family Relationships

Snow College

Snow College

HFST 2400 - Family Relations

Approved MED Curriculum

Marriage Survival

Marriage Survival

The Marriage Survival educational curriculum includes a series of lessons that are taught in an interactive way to help couples strengthen their relationships. 

PREP 8.0

Prep 8.0

The first edition of this PREP curriculum was developed in the early 1990's.  PREP Version 8.0 is the most current version of that flagship curriculum for couples. 

Within Our Reach

Within Our Reach 

Within Our Reach is a curriculum designed to help couples overcome barriers and develop positive communication skills. It is based on extensive testing and feedback from couples and those in the community who worked with them. 

The Strongest Link

The Strongest Link 

The Strongest Link curriculum is intended for use in many ways that can serve to teach skills and provide support for couples. 

Couple LINKS

Couple Links

The LINKS (Lasting Intimacy through Nurturing Knowledge & Skills) Program is a five-session secular curriculum that certified instructors can teach. Each session is based on a two-hour teaching time frame, but is designed to be adapted to many different time frames and group settings. 

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

This curriculum leads couples through Dr. John Gottman's groundbreaking book The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.  It integrates research from the book and educates couples through relationship enhancing exercises. 



Prepare/Enrich is a dynamic, research-based assessment that highlights couples' strengths and uncovers opportunities for growth across core and customized relationship topics. Through Facilitator feedback sessions, couples strengthen relationship skills, increase satisfaction, and build resilience.

Building a Lasting Connection

Building A Lasting Connection

The Building A Lasting Connection couples workshop was designed by Dr. Debi Gilmore, EFT Supervisor and Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen, EFT Supervisor and Trainer. This program is designed to build on strengths, prevent relational conflict and utilize the power of attachment to lay a foundation for relationship improvement and deepening the connection bond across the lifespan. 

If you are interested in having your relationship education offerings listed here, please email us. All curriculum and education providers must be approved by the Utah Marriage Commission. 

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