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This free research-based course is suitable for adults in married or committed relationships and addresses topics such as:

  • Intimacy and Romantic Love
  • Developing and Maintaining Trust
  • Forgiveness
  • Resiliency and Commitment
  • Many more...

*Successful completion of this program qualifies participants for the Utah Marriage Commission Marriage Education Discount  ($20 off your online wedding license fee). Click here for more info:

When asked what they learned from this course, participants said:

"Very interesting material and animated presenter."

"Clear, open, and right to the point."

"Learning better ways to handle my relationship with my partner."

"The topics discussed were exactly what I needed; loved the stories and experiences given."

"The instructor was excellent; she helped me clearly understand the concept; the importance of it and she used excellent examples of real life scenarios that were funny, interesting, and easy to understand."

"It encourages change in a positive, hopeful way! Relationships work when you work for it!"

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