015: Countering Marriage Myths

Podcast Guests: Richard & Linda Eyre

Countering Marriage Myths

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In today’s episode, Richard and Linda Eyre discuss their latest book, The 8 Myths of Marriaging; enlightening relationship truths that dispelling common myths that can harm marital connection. Join the conversation and see how you can strengthen your marital connection by dismissing these myths.

0:00 – Introduction: Who is Richard & Linda Eyre? 

2:20 – Richard and Linda’s first marital book: The 8 Myths of Marriaging.

3:00 – What is Marriaging?

4:05 – Making marriage a verb and replacing myths with truth

5:10 – Myth #1: The clone myth

7:59 – How are we resolving conflict in our relationship?

9:50 – Myth #2: No waves myth

10:55 – Unexpressed feelings never die: the importance of discussing conflict with your partner

11:40 – Marriage advice revisited

14:12 – Weekly marriage meetings

16:49 – Myth #3: The independence myth

17:45 – Interdependence vs. Codependence

19:20 – What is the basic unit of society?

20:58 – Myth #4: The equality myth

23:20 – Developing relational “oneness”

24:44 – Myth #5: The achievement myth

27:20 – What is our relationship goal?

28:02 – What is the secret to a stronger marriage connection?

29:35 – The power of commitment in marriage

32:35 – Whose happiness do you have more control over in marriage?

33:08 – Insights

About Richard & Linda Eyre

Richard and Linda Eyre are the parents of nine children and are among the most popular speakers in the world on parenting and families. They have presented in more than 45 countries and are New York Times best-selling authors of numerous books on parenting, couples, and families. They have been frequent guests on national network shows such as Oprah, The Today Show, Prime Time Live, 60 Minuets, Good Morning America and more. Their parenting website, valuesparenting.com, provides ideas, guidance, and creative programs for families throughout the world.




The 8 Myths of Marriaging book link

Insights and Invites


Dave: Give more and do not keep score within your relationship.

Liz: We are powerful, we have the power to hurt or to help our partners. 

Richard: Commitment, make it total, make it eternal.

Linda: Love it, feel the joy of your relationship. Remember that you’re having fun and it is a joyful experience to be committed to someone.


  • Plan a weekly marriage meeting with your partner. Text them right now to plan a time you can both sit down each week and connect on what needs improvement.
  • Read the 8 Myths of Marriaging book to find out the other three myths of marriaging and how you can safeguard your relationship.
  • Take time out for your relationship and enroll in Richard and Linda’s course for parenting and marriaging.

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