011: Better You For a Better Marriage

Podcast Guests: Casey & Meygan Caston

A Better You For a Better Marriage

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Couple named least likely to succeed in marriage, Casey & Meygan share their success story with Dave and Liz on this week’s episode of Strong Marriage Connection. Tune in to hear more about Marriage365, COVID’s impacts on marriage, and practical things you can do to improve your marriage. If you want to make a better marriage, make a better you.

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0:00 – If you want to make a better marriage, make a better you.

0:40 -- Introduction: Who are Casey & Meygan Caston?

1:44 – Warm Welcome to Casey & Meygan Caston

3:12 – What if I can’t afford marital therapy?

6:10 – Living with Divorce.

6:54 -- Least likely married couple to succeed: Finding hope.

8:45 – Fight for your marriage: Make a better you.

11:30 – Personal growth & healthy boundaries.

13:02 – No quick fixes in marriage.

13:30 – What to look for in a good therapist?

15:20 – W. A. I. T.

17:37 – Build intimacy: Date night questions.

20:39 – Quality time & connection.

21:30 – Sixty second blessing.

24:20 – Sixty second blessing with kids.

25:18 – Celebrity marriages: Patrick Dempsey.

27:00 – Winners build strong marriages.

27:50 – Couple monthly check-ins.

30:35 – COVID’s impact on marriage.

32:55 – Healthy separation.

33:28 – Fights about COVID.

34:27 – Hope for the future.

35:00 – Unity begins in the family.

37:00 – Casey’s vision for the future.

38:25 – Marriage365app.

39:00 – Do something for your marriage.

38:28 – Healthy people make healthy marriages.

40:12 – Advice for singles.

42:30 – Date well, marry well.

43:16 – Be teachable.

44:40 – Vulnerability matters.

45:30 – Advice for divorcees.

46:40 – Confidence is about trusting yourself.

47:00 – Healthy boundaries.

47:35 – Be sure to heal & forgive.

48:56 – Where can I find Casey & Meygan.

49:27 – Takeaways

50:04 – Meygan’s Takeaway: Progress

51:11 – Casey’s Takeaway: Reflection

52:30 – Liz’s Takeaway: Just One.

53:03 – Dave’s Takeaway: Intentionality

53:45 – Thank you!

54:30 ­– Connect with Casey & Meygan

About Casey and Meygan Caston

Casey and Meygan Caston were the couple least likely to succeed in their marriage. After meeting in college, they fell in love fast and then said I do. But after only three years, they were headed straight for divorce. Their relationship had fallen apart. Communication was lost. Sex was non-existent. Their finances crumbled in the midst of the chaos and the worst part? They placed blame on each other for their bad marriage. But one thing they did agree on, they both didn't want to become another American divorce statistic.

The Castons began searching for ways to do marriage right. They surrounded themselves with healthy couples, experts, books, and got therapy to make a relational transformation. But they admit that it was a long and really difficult process to find resources that were affordable and convenient, so they decided to do something about it and founded Marriage365.

Visit Marriage365 to learn more about their membership program and newly released marriage app!


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Dave: Intentionally make time to connect. Plan Ahead!

Liz: It just takes one. One person can change the dance in marriage.

Meygan: There is always room for improvement, but that does mean perfection. Progress is better than nothing. Find just one thing you can do to improve.

Casey: Be brave and spend time in reflection and ask: how is it working out?


  • Implement the Sixty Second Blessing for 7 days with your spouse.
  • Spend time in reflection: Ask yourself “how’s it working out?” and write down your answer.
  • Take the first step to improve your marriage by visiting with a therapist.

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