Remote Job Resources

Virtual Employees

When looking for a virtual job, we recommend visiting the website FlexJobs , and searching for your state in the Job Location category. FlexJobs screens every one of their employers and job posts to ensure their users are protected from scams and unfair working conditions.

Other employment resources:

Department of Workforce Services (for resume assistance and interview practice)

Hybrid Boards (Both on-site & remote jobs)

AngelList - look for the "Open to Working Remotely" box when creating your profile

Authentic Jobs - set the toggle switch in the top left corner from "All Jobs" to "Remote"

Department of Workforce Services - Select "Telecommute Jobs Only" when searching

Dribble - go to the remote-only section

Escape the City - for the Job Type, check "Remote"

GitHub Jobs - type "remote" into the Location field

Idealist - use "remote" as one of your keywords when searching

Indeed - use terms like "remote," "Work at Home," "Virtual," and "Home Based" in the location field

Landing Jobs - use "remote" as one of your keywords when searching

LinkedIn Jobs - use "remote" as one of your keywords when searching

Monster - use terms like "remote," "Work at Home," "Virtual," and "Home Based" in the location field

The Muse - head over to the remote-only section

Transformify - use "remote" as one of your keywords when searching

Power to Fly - select "remote" as your Location Type

Stack Overflow - use "remote" as one of your key words when searching


Freelancers that participate in the ROI program get access to better opportunities through our Utah Rural Freelancer Agency and get access to additional training via SamaSchool that supports freelancers on tough topics like taxes, insurance, and personal branding as they build their online business. A SamaSchool membership is offered to all ROI freelancers during participation in the program.

 Other Freelancing Resources:

Virtual Career Center

There are different types of remote roles available throughout the world, and it’s time to identify which one is right for you. Click on the link below to access our Virtual Career Center and follow the steps to explore options, identify your goals, and measure compatibility for various work options. Note that “work” can mean a job as a virtual employee at a distributed company, it can mean occasionally accepting temporary contracts as a freelancer, or it might mean you start your own business as an entrepreneur.

More Information

Virtual Tools

Knowledge of at least one tool in each of the following categories will ensure that remote workers are ready to collaborate with clients, coworkers, and vendors online.

Job Profiles

If you are interested in pursuing one of the job titles listed below, click on the icon to explore the different job descriptions, suggested tools, average salaries, and career paths unique to these professions.