Pressure Canning Hydrated Wheat


Did You Know?

Pressure canning hydrated wheat berries is untested and unsafe. Always use only research-based and tested recipes for home canning.

It has come to my attention that some consumers are using untested recipes and processes to can hydrated wheat berries (kernels) using the USDA Complete Guide to Canning process for canning dried beans.

The recipe for canning dried beans has not been tested using wheat berries and is therefore NOT a tested recipe. The starch in wheat may interfere with the heat penetration dur- ing canning. Insuffi- cient processing can result in botulism food poisoning.

Under ideal conditions, uncooked wheat may be stored for long periods with excellent results. Store in sealed con- tainers in cool (60°F or less), dry areas or keep frozen until used.

Par-cooked or presoaked wheat may be refrigerated three to four days and fully cooked wheat may be refrigerated for one week; both may be frozen for up to six months.


Brian Nummer

Brian Nummer

Brian Nummer

Food Safety Specialist


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