What We Do Not Test For

We do not test for human pathogens or parasites*, food pathogens, verticillium for alfalfa export certification, verticillium (with some exceptions - contact us prior to submission), Dutch elm disease, bacterial leaf scorch, Phythophthora, fungi or pathogens in 
soil, herbicides, soil dwelling nematodes, or plant and soil nutrients**

*We do accept samples of ticks, bed bugs, fleas, bird mites, etc. collected from the home or structure that have not come in contact with blood, human secretions, hair, or skin. For these types of diagnostics, please see your medical care provider. Samples including the aforementioned arthropods must be submitted in a vial of rubbing alcohol or ethanol. We reserve the right to not handle and identify arthropods in any sample that we believe violates these submission protocols.

** For plant or soil nutrient testing, contact the USU Analytical Lab.

If we can not perform the desired testing, please contact one of the following labs for further assistance: