Utah Plant Pest Diagnostic Lab

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If you have questions about what service(s) you need, contact our lab or visit your local county Extension office for pre-screening.

If you submit a sample for disease culturing, DNA, or virus testing without contacting the lab prior to submission and we cannot perform the desired test, we will conduct our "basic services." No refund for overpayment of testing services will be given. View our refund and privacy policies for more information.

Steps to Submitting a Sample:

1) Complete the submission form and include with your sample.

2) If submitting a plant for disease diagnosis: take photos of the issue(s) and email them to us prior to submitting a sample (utahpestlab@gmail.com), or print out physical photos to be mailed in with your sample. 

  • Type of images:
    • Include a range of perspectives of the plant, turf area or damage, from close-up to over-all pictures of the yard or area of interest. We are interested in seeing the damage but equally interested in the surroundings (overall environment) of the plant and property, etc.
    • Only sending close-ups of dead grass or dead branches/leaves may not help with diagnosis. 

3) Prepare your sample appropriately based on the type of sample you are submitting:

4) Mail or deliver your sample along with the submission form, appropriate payment (unless requesting an invoice for card payment), and photos (if submitting physical prints). See below for our shipping address and walk-in directions. 

Mail Samples To:

Utah Plant Pest Diagnostic Lab
5305 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322

Sensitive plant tissues or living organisms should be shipped via expedited mail service (e.g., overnight or 1- to 2-day shipping), especially during hot summer months when samples can be destroyed by prolonged delivery. Please take note of our University Holiday Calendar and plan sample shipment accordingly to prevent sensitive samples from being further delayed; the UPPDL is not open on university holidays. It is best to ship samples early in the week to best prevent the sample(s) from sitting over a weekend. The UPPDL is not responsible for samples that become spoiled during shipment. 

Walk-In Samples: 

Face masks are encouraged in the building to help slow the spread of Covid-19. Samples can be dropped off in the Plant Pest Diagnostic Lab (room 203) in the Biology and Natural Resources Building (building code "BNR"). Use the Campus Map to locate the building. We recommend parking in the Big Blue Terrace parking garage. Our building is to the east of the parking garage. 

The lab is open for sample drop-off between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm M-F, excluding holidays. Occasionally, lab members are out conducting field work or doing on-site pest diagnostics. If the lab is locked, you can drop off your sample(s) with the receptionist in the Biology Department main office (BNR 117). 

How Long do I Have to Wait for a Diagnosis?

Normally, you will receive a response within 2 weeks of submitting your sample depending on the types of tests needed. Expect longer for plant pathology or DNA-related services.