Utah Plant Pest Diagnostic Lab

Alfalfa Hay Testing

Alfalfa Hay Testing for Export Certification Policy:
Verticillium albo-atrum

Recently, China announced the mandatory certification of bailed alfalfa hay for the absence of Vaa. Because of this, only hay testing negative for Vaa will be permitted export to China. Testing must be completed by an APHIS approved lab. The Utah Plant Pest Diagnostic Lab (UPPDL) is neither equipped nor certified to handle alfalfa hay export certification, and we will no longer accept hay samples for this purpose. Hay growers need to send samples to a certified lab at their own cost. The diagnostic lab at Oregon State University currently offers testing and certification. Please visit their website for additional information: http://plant-clinic.bpp.oregonstate.edu/. The UPPDL still welcomes alfalfa and other plant samples with disease and pest problems for diagnosis. However, we cannot provide certification of alfalfa hay for export to China.

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