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Utah Food Security Council

This council is the result of Senate Bill 133: Food Security Amendments. The Food Security Council is housed at Utah State University and is responsible to coordinate statewide efforts that build food security. The goals of the FSC is are:
1.  develop statewide goals and messaging related to food security and nutrition education.
2.  coordinate statewide efforts to address food security.
3.  ensure that any state programs receiving federal funds from the United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service provide consistent and coordinated nutrition education messaging.
4.  promote programs and activities that contribute to healthy eating and active lifestyles.
5.  promote programs and activities that advance Utah food products.
6.  disseminate the statewide goals and messaging to state agencies.

Presidents United to Solve Hunger

Utah State University was the first college in Utah to join an initiative that unites universities to work toward increasing food security. The Presidents United to Solve Hunger (PUSH) campaign provides university presidents and students with resources they need to help commit their universities to a food-and-nutrition-secure world.

Utah State University Student Nutrition Access Center

The Student Nutrition Access Center is the Utah State University on-campus food pantry. The mission of SNAC is to provide nutritious food and personal care products to any Aggie experiencing food insecurity and financial difficulties. Canned and nonperishable food is donated by the Cache Community Food Pantry and the Utah Food Bank. Fresh produce in the summer and fall comes from the Utah Conservation Corps Urban Community Farm, Cache Community Gleaning, and local farmers and gardeners. Students can order from SNAC one time per week as needed with a USU ID, no questions asked.

Farmers Feeding Utah

In both the good and hard times, Utah Farmers have been passionate about feeding people. While the pandemic-born supply chain issues that inspired us to connect Utahns in need with safe and locally-grown food have somewhat alleviated, the fact remains: thousands of hungry Utahns still need help. Rather than calling it a day, our donors, farmers and volunteers remain dedicated to alleviating hunger. This program is a partnership between the Utah Farm Bureau and multiple statewide partnerships, including the Hunger Solutions Institute and Cogburn Wire Company. The Utah Farm Bureau’s mission is to inspire all Utah families to connect, succeed and grow through the ‘Miracle of Agriculture.'

Utah's State Nutrition Action Coalition

SNAC allows agencies with similar nutrition and wellness missions to leverage resources and knowledge, and reduces duplication of efforts, ultimately increasing the reach and impact of all the agencies involved. Its mission is to unite Utah agencies to improve food security, nutrition, and health for Utahns.

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USU Hunger Solutions Institute NourishTank Student Competition

NourishTank is an annual student competition to foster innovation, collaboration, and sustainable solutions to combat hunger. The mission is to provide a platform for emerging entrepreneurs and change-makers to showcase and support groundbreaking ideas that tackle food insecurity and malnutrition. Through a SharkTank-style event, this student competition aims to inspire, empower, and invest in hunger solutions that create lasting impact, ensuring a nourished and food-secure future for all. 

Utah Breakfast Expansion Team

Utah Breakfast Expansion Team (UBET) was formed in 2014 in response to the state’s consistently low participation in the School Breakfast Program (SBP); Utah currently ranks last in the nation. UBET is collaboration of: Utahns Against Hunger; Utah State Board of Education Child Nutrition Programs; Utah State University Extension-Create Better Health; Utah State University Extension Salt Lake County; Utah State University Extension-Wayne County; School Nutrition Association of Utah; Dairy Council of Utah & Nevada; Utah Department of Health-Healthy Living Through Environment, Policy & Improved Clinic Care Program; Brigham Young University-Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science; Brigham Young University-Department of Health Sciences; Granite Education Association.

Universities Fighting World Hunger

More information to come

NEEM: Nutrition Education Ending Malnutrition

The developmental, economic, social, and medical impacts of malnutrition are serious and lasting for individuals, their families, communities, and countries. It is a global issue requiring world-wide effort to solve. NEEM works with partner organizations in-country to provide nutrition education to people seeking refuge from malnutrition, poverty, and persecution. Visit the NEEM website to learn how you can get involved.

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