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    Oxygen Removal

    Oxygen absorbers

    Many food nutrients can oxidize in the presence of oxygen (air) to form off flavors. Rancidity of fats and oils is a prime example. Most people strongly object to rancid flavors in foods.

    Oxygen absorbers are used to remove oxygen from inside a dry food container. They do this by reacting iron, moisture, and oxygen essentially rusting the iron. During this process oxygen is used up and converted to iron oxide.

    Oxygen absorbers are typically packaged in sachets that indicate the volume of oxygen they will absorb. For example a 300cc package absorbs 300 cubic centimeters of oxygen. Use one package this size for every 1 gallon (or less) volume container of dry food.

    It is important to use an oxygen barrier container (foil pouches, metal cans, canning jars, etc.)

    Directions for using Oxygen Absorbers

    • Purchase only sealed oxygen absorbers. Open container just prior to use.
    • Remove the number of absorbers that you will use in the next few minutes.
    • Reseal the remaining supply of absorbers in a glass canning jar with lid. A pint jar will hold 25 absorbers.
    • Place one absorber into each container of food (less than 1 gallon in volume).
    • Seal food storage container with oxygen absorber in it.
    • Place container in food storage.