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So, You’re Going on a Trail Ride

Horse trail rides are unique and enriching experiences for people of all ages. These serene journeys through nature provide an opportunity to connect with horses, appreciate their gentle nature, and develop a deeper understanding of their role in our live...

Equine Navicular Syndrome

Equine navicular syndrome greatly affects the horse industry by accounting for up to one-third of all chronic forelimb lamenesses. While the exact cause and development of this disease are still widely controversial, there are noticeable and significant c...

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Barn Safety & Covid-19

The SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19 and has caused a worldwide pandemic, imposes several lifestyle changes for those who own horses, donkeys and mules. As social distancing motivates us to spend more time at the barn working with a project horse o...

Ride Utah

Ride Utah! is an equine extension program that has been developed by Utah State University to provide a trail ride experience for military personnel and an invited guest. Trail rides are held throughout the summer and fall ranging from Cache Valley to St. George to San Juan County.

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Karl Hoopes

Karl Hoopes

Equine Specialist


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