Davis 4-H CloverBuds Program

WHATYoung 4-H Youth sitting outdoors 

Cloverbuds are 4-H youth ages 5-8 years old (grades K-2) who are excited to explore many different project areas. The Cloverbud program is a great way kick-start young 4-H members on the path to becoming competent, passionate, and involved citizens through the development of life skills learned using the 4-H approach "learn by doing".


Just like older 4-H members, Cloverbuds register for the Davis County 4-H program by going to 4h.zsuite.org. Membership gives youth access to fun county events and contests, camps and provides them the ability to enter projects into the Davis Heritage Festival that is replacing our County Fair.


Cloverbuds register for events and clubs on 4h.zsuite.org just like other 4-H members. There are lots of opportunities for cloverbuds to be involved in 4-H throughout the year, listed below are what we have to offer this summer!

  • June: Cloverbud Camp - Snap! Crackle! Pop!
  • July: Cloverbud Picnic
  • August: Cloverbud Picnic
For more information on the Cloverbud Clubs that are active in the county contact our office at 801-499-5370 (option #2).


Resources for Cloverbud 4-H members include: