Public Lands

Approximately two-thirds of land area in Utah is managed by an agency of federal or state government. Recreation, grazing by domestic livestock, mineral production, wilderness, wildlife, and wild horses are some of the many uses of these lands. The primary federal agencies that manage these lands include the Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of Defense and Park Service. Utah's trust lands are administered primarily for the benefit of education. Managers of these lands must consider opinions of user groups that commonly differ concerning the use of these lands. This page provides information that can be used in helping user groups make informed decisions. Web pages maintained by the agencies also contain much useful information.

Academic Papers

Wildfire, National Park Visitation, and Changes in Regional Economic Activity (link)

Marketing, Congestion, and Demarketing in Utah’s National Parks (link)

Public Lands Survey Reports

Public Lands and Utah Communities: A Statewide Survey of Utah Residents (PDF)

Impacts of Wild and Scenic River Designation (PDF)

Watershed Management and Water Production Study for State of Utah (PDF)

Economic Impacts of Land Use Restriction on OHV Recreation in Utah (PDF)

Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Use on Public Lands in Utah (PDF)

Livestock Grazing in Utah: History and Status (PDF)

Public Lands Surveys

Survey Letter (PDF)

Grazing Permitee Questionnaire (PDF)

Grazing Non-Permitee Questionnaire (PDF)