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An Overview of the Cut Flower Industry

For generations, flowers have been used to show affection and appreciation, given as gifts, and used for decoration or ornamentation (Oppenheim, 1996). Defined as flowers, blooms, or buds separated from their bearing plant that may be sold as single stems...

Understanding Cut Flower Consumers

Flowers are most often purchased for personal use, with interior home decoration as the primary reason for cut flower sales in the United States (PR Newswire, 2022; Yue & Hall, 2010). However, gift use is also a significant reason for flower sales, with A...

Utah Florist Preferences for Local Cut Flowers

Cut flower production is a small, rapidly growing, and dynamic industry in Utah. Other states are also experiencing tremendous growth and looking to Utah, particularly Utah State University (USU) Extension programs, to meet grower needs.

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