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Are you part of the agricultural community? We can pay your behavioral health care services for you and your family through a partnership with UDAF and USU Extension. This voucher program will pay up to $2,000* for mental/behavioral health services or family counseling and is available to individuals and families with or without health insurance. Below are some resources that may be helpful to you. If you have questions regarding any of the resources or services provided by this program please contact us. If you are a healthcare provider, you can find additional information here.

*Vouchers are valid while funding is available

Download Voucher

Funding Status: Available

To use our voucher:

  1. Download and print the voucher from above.
  2. Schedule an appointment with a behavioral/mental health care provider.
  3. Provide the voucher to the clinic when checking in.
  4. Have your provider submit a claim through your insurance.
  5. Have your clinic contact us for payment or send the invoice yourself.

Need Help Now?

24-Hour Support Lines

988 - National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
(Can be routed in Spanish)
Text HOME to 74174
SafeUT App (For Students)
211 - Find state and community resources for mental health or substance use disorders.
833-442-2211 -Intermountain Behavioral Health Navigation number

Free Mental Healthcare

Have your clinic contact us for payment, or send the invoice yourself.

Behavioral Health Access Centers

Intermountain Behavioral Health Centers
(No appointment needed)
Huntsman Mental Health Institute

Participating Professionals

You are free to use your own choice of licensed medical provider. For your convenience, we've put together a list of participating professionals who support the AgWellness Mental Health Assistance Program and accept the program vouchers. *This is not to say that another professional that you choose to see would not accept the voucher. These are just professionals who have reached out to us letting us know that they do.

Online Workshop

Did you know that the most important asset to your farm or ranch is YOU? This online workshop will focus on recognizing and managing stress and mental health. Participants will be given key instruction, resources, and training from various USU Extension professionals.



If you are a healthcare provider who would also like to participate in our program please contact Josh at:

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