Financial Assistance for Water Quality Improvements


Non Point Source Pollution (NPS) Projects


Individuals, businesses, corporations, associations, private entities, and government agencies are eligible for loans or grants.


Financial Assistance is to be used for activities within the watersheds that: address a critical water quality need, protect human heath, improve environmental conditions that affect waters of the State, provide incentives for project implementation, and augment funding sources

How to Apply

Submit a financial assistance request form to
Utah Division of Water Quality
P.O. Box 144870
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4870

View NPS Project Forms

Eligible Projects

  • Reduce untreated or uncontrolled runoff
  • Improve critical aquatic resources
  • Conserve soil, water, or other natural resources
  • Protect and improve groundwater quality
  • Preserve and protect beneficial uses of water

The highest priority projects are those that address a critical water quality need, will improve human health concerns, or would be not economically feasible without the grant.  Conservation easements, stream restoration, animal waste treatment, and erosion control would be considered high priority projects.

NPS Loans

  • Terms may be as low as 0% interest for up to 20 years repayment
  • Must be secured with collateral and must be repaid
  • Can be used as a matching source of funds for other funding sources* 

NPS Grants

  • Does not need to be repaid
  • Address a critical water quality need or human health concern
  • Can be used as a matching source of funds for other funding sources*

* Other Funding sources may include State Revolving Fund (SRF); 319 Non point Source Management