Ag Waste Management

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    The purpose of this website is to help livestock producers with waste management issues and provide understandable information about the regulations. For more information, click on the buttons below.

    National News

    • When farmers apply animal manure to fields near fresh produce, tiny particles such as bacteria, may go airborne and drift to nearby fields. Field research conducted at Clarkson University in upstate New York measured how far common bacteria such as Salmonella and E. Coli are likely to travel downwind from manure application sites. The team found that produce fields should be set back from areas of manure application by a minimum of 525 feet. That distance should help lower the risk of foodborne illness to acceptable levels (1 in 10,000).

    State News

    Tools for Record Keeping

    • A spreadsheet to help with record-keeping and nutrient management planning is now available. Click to download the spreadsheet.
    • The Critical Records for Animal Production (C.R.A.P.) App is now available in the Apple iTunes Store. This app is designed to help keep needed manure application records and corresponds with the nutrient management planning spreadsheet.