Record Keeping


It is important for owners/operators of any livestock production operation to document and demonstrate implementation activities associated with their nutrient management plan (NMP). Documentation and management actives associated with a NMP provide valuable target information that AFO/CAFO owner/operators can use to adjust their NMP to meet production and natural resource conservation objectives.

It is the AFO/CAFO owner and/or operators responsibility to maintain records that document the implementation and management of their NMP.

Documentation should include:

  • Annual manure tests for nutrient content for each manure storage containment
  • Current soil test results
  • Application records for each manure or commercial fertilizer event including:
    • Containment source or type and form of commercial fertilizer
    • Field(s) where manure or organic by-products are applied
    • Amount applied per acre
    • Time and date of application
    • Weather conditions during nutrient application
    • General soil moisture conditions at time of application (i.e., saturated, wet, moist, dry)
    • Application method and equipment used
    • Crops planted and planting and/or harvesting dates by field
  • Record that address manure and waste water storage containment structures
    • Dates of emptying
    • Level before and after emptying
    • Discharge or overflow events, including levels before and after event
  • Transfer of manure off-site or to third party
    • Manure nutrient content
    • Amount of manure transferred
    • Date of transfer
    • Recipient of manure
  • Activities associated with emergency spill response plan
  • Records associated with any reviews by NRCS, third-party consultants, or representatives of regulatory agencies:
    • Dates of review
    • Name of reviewer and purpose of review
    • Recommendations or follow-up requirements resulting from the review
    • Actions taken as a result of the review
  • Records of maintenance preformed associated with operation and maintenance plans
  • Nutrient application equipment calibration
  • Changes to the nutrient management plan