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25 Year, 24 Hour Storm Event: The requirements of the event will vary depending on your location. A 25-year, 24-hour storm event means the maximum 24-hour precipitation event with a probable recurrence interval of once in 25 years, as defined by the National Weather Service.

Animal Feeding Operation: a lot or facility where animals are stabled or confined, and fed or maintained for a total of 45 days or more in any 12-month period; AND crops, vegetation, forage, or post harvest residues are not sustained in the normal growing season over any portion of the lot or facility.

  • The 45 days of confinement do not have to be consecutive days and the 12 month period may be any consecutive 12 months, not necessarily a calendar year.
  • The animals do not have to be the same animals confined for 45 days.
  • Partial daily confinement counts as a whole day; for example, some auctions may qualify as AFOs.

Agricultural Runoff Systems: Runoff from a field after a rain or storm event. Discharges include manure or effluent (manure water) that is applied to crop fields or pastures and carried in rain or snow runoff from the fields/pastures to a water of the State.

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation or CAFO: Is a large Animal Feeding Operation (AFO) that is any Large CAFO (based on number of animals) whether permitted or not, certain Medium AFOs that require a permit, or certain Small AFOs that require a permit.

Discharge: Any pollutant in any amount that contacts a water of the state. Can result from any cause or rainfall amount.

Enforcement Protection: Protects against most state fines and penalties for both AFO Permit-By-Rule and CAFO Permit. Does not necessarily protect producers from EPA fines and penalties. Penalties can range depending on operation and severity of discharge.

Nutrient Management Plan (NMP): A nutrient management plan (NMP) document the practices and strategies adopted by a livestock operation to address natural resource concerns related to runoff, nutrient application, livestock manure, and disposal of organic by-products. A NMP must be followed to receive enforcement protection under the the Permit-By-Rule. This may include soil sampling, manure sampling, application records, and self-inspections.

Pollutant: Manure, wastewater, manure runoff, compost, litter or feed

Water of the State (WOS): Water of the State means all streams, lakes, ponds, marshes, watercourses, waterways, wells, springs, irrigation systems, drainage systems, and all other bodies or accumulations of water, surface and underground, natural or artificial, public or private, which are contained within, flow through, or border upon this state or any portion of the state; and does not include bodies of water confined to and retained within the limits of private property, and which do not develop into or constitute a nuisance, public health hazard, or a menace to fish or wildlife. Utah Code Ann. 19-5-102(18)(a)