Become a Volunteer

Becoming a 4-H club leader is an immensely rewarding volunteer experience. Children need caring, supportive adults in their lives. We invite you to be that special adult for your club members.

The four simple steps to become a club leader are:

  1. Contact the Weber County 4-H Office at 801-399-8202 to discuss your area of interest and receive important enrollment information.
  2. Complete enrollment at
  3. Complete the required 4-H Leader Orientation which is available on ZSuite when you enroll under the tab Clover Academy, and pass a background check.
  4. Turn in a completed Utah 4-H Club Charter Form (new starting 2020-2021). You will receive more info on this when you call our office.

Once you have successfully completed these items, a Weber County 4-H Staff member will review your enrollment and add your club to our active club list. At this point you are an official 4-H club leader and can begin your service. This will also allow 4-H youth to join your club.

We highly encourage new club leaders to find youth for your club that you know from your neighborhood or other affiliations.

Should you have any other questions about organizing a 4-H club you can contact David Widdison our 4-H Coordinator at or call him at 801-399-8220.