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Becoming a UWW volunteer is an exciting and engaging way to learn more about water quality and to help protect rivers and streams in your community.


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How to Begin

If you love spending time outdoors and are passionate about improving the bodies of water in your area, volunteering with Utah Water Watch is the way to start!

There are 3 steps to become a volunteer:


Fill out registration form

After filling out the form, a UWW staff member will contact you about opportunities to attend a workshop.

Choose a monitoring site

Before attending a workshop, explore our list of pre-approved monitoring sites and begin filling out the site registration form.

Attend a workshop and become certified!

Workshop Calendar


Are you in need of replacement supplies? We prefer to restock volunteers at the start of the monitoring year and send out a request for needs at that time. However, feel free to fill out our supply re-order form and we will get in contact with you!

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