Bear River Celebration and Free Fishing Day

Date: First Saturday in June

A free community event! Held in conjunction with Utah's Division of Wildlife Free Fishing Day. Come enjoy local music, free fishing, and fun activities while learning about water conservation, water quality, wildlife, recycling, energy, and the Bear River Watershed at Willow Park in Logan, UT. 

Natural Resources Field Days

Date: Middle of September

A program for 4th graders in Cache County to discover the natural resources in Logan Canyon. Stations focus on teaching  water quality, plants, soils, and wildlife of the area. Some partners involved include U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, and Cache County Extension.

Utah Envirothon

Date: Mid April

A natural resource competition for high school students. Students form teams of five and test their knowledge in aquatic ecology, forestry, soil/land-use, wildlife, and a current environmental issue that changes annually. The winner of Utah's Envirothon competes at the North American Envirothon.

Utah's County Water Fairs

Date: Throughout the School Year

A program to inform 4th graders about watersheds, aquatic insects and the importance of water quality in the environment. USU Water Quality Extension works in conjunction with other county extension offices, state parks, health departments, and the forest service.

Community Mapping Workshop (CMaP)

Date: Workshops in the Summer

A 5-day educator workshop to introduce Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS). Educators are taught how to use these technologies, and are provided with tools and resources to implement the technologies into their curriculum.

Stream Side Science Workshops

Date: Throughout the Summer

An educator workshop about how to use the Stream Side Science Lesson Manual. This manual demonstrates how to use simple water monitoring  techniques to teach science, geography, and math concepts in a hands-on fashion. Each lesson is matched with the Utah Core Curriculum.