Pack It Out Utah Statewide Cleanup


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    Pack It Out Utah - Utah's Statewide Trails & Waterways Cleanup


    Join us for Utah's second statewide trails and waterways cleanup! Check out the results from the first-ever statewide cleanup last year here.

    Utah’s public lands are experiencing a surge in outdoor recreation each year. While more people enjoying the great outdoors is inspiring, unfortunately, it has led to an increase in garbage ending up on trails, parks, neighborhoods, and eventually, in our waterways. Local governments and nonprofits across Utah are partnering to host a statewide cleanup event to remove garbage from public lands and help improve our waterways. The idea is to encourage people across the state to take initiative and act as stewards of our watersheds and public lands. By collecting trash, participants will help improve water quality and the health of the surrounding ecosystems.





    When: September 11 – 19, 2021


    Where: Utah – Statewide

    There are two ways to get involved in this year’s statewide clean-up event.

    1. Join a local cleanup near you! Check out the lists below to find and join an organized cleanup event being held by one of our partners. These events are part of the statewide Pack It Out Utah cleanup happening from September 11-19. All trash collected and submissions from these events will count toward the statewide total for Pack It Out Utah.


    Cleanup and Hike hosted by Pliking
    Where: High Adventure Park (251 18th St, Ogden, UT 84401)
    When: Saturday, September 18, 2021 from 9-11AM

    International Coastal Cleanup 2021 hosted by Friends of Great Salt Lake
    Where: Great Salt Lake State Park & Marina
    When: Saturday, September 11, 2021 from 9AM-12PM

    Trash Pick Up hosted by Tracy Aviary
    Where: Jordan River Nature Center (1125 W 3300 S, South Salt Lake, UT 84119)
    When: Saturday, September 11, 2021 from 6PM-8PM
    Registration required:

    Big Cottonwood Creek Cleanup Day hosted by Central Wasatch Commission and City of Cottonwood Heights
    Where: Big Cottonwood Creek - Park and meet up at the Big Cottonwood Canyon Park and Ride
    When: Friday, September 17, 2021 from 10AM - 1PM

    Pack It Out Little Cottonwood Canyon hosted by Friends of Alta
    Where: Little Cottonwood Canyon - Park and meet up at the Little Cottonwood Canyon Park and Ride (4385 Little Cottonwood Canyon Rd, Sandy, UT 84092)
    When: Friday, September 17, 2021 from 8AM - 11AM
    Registration required:

    Jordan River Canoe Cleanup hosted by Millcreek Business Council and the Jordan River Commission
    Where: Zevex Park Lane & Confluence Avenue, Murray, UT 84123
    When: Saturday, September 18, 2021 from 10AM - 2PM
    Registration required:
    Go to the registration link for important details and sign up info.

    Cleanup & Meet Up hosted by USU and Cache County Organizations
    Where: Adams Park: 550 N 500 E, Logan, UT 84321 - Look for the Pack It Out Utah and USU Water Quality Extension booth.
    When: Saturday, September 11, 2021 from 9:30AM - 12:30PM
    Meet up with our Pack It Out Utah leaders and local partners to pick up clean-up supplies and distribute clean-up sites amongst volunteers and groups participating in the in-person cleanup event. Come pick up supplies and get a cleanup site anytime during the event hours (9:30AM - 12:30PM).

    Weber River Garbage Cleanup hosted by Fish for Garbage
    Where: Weber River Float Parking Lot in Croydon, UT
    When: Saturday, September 11, 2021 from 9AM - 1PM
    Cleanup, lunch, and prizes!
    Registration required:

    Community Clean Up hosted by Recycle Utah, UServe Utah, and Park City Municipal
    Where: St. Mary's Catholic Church (505 White Pine Canyon Rd, Park City, UT 84060)
    When: Saturday, September 18, 2021 from 9AM - 12PM
    Meeting time will be at 9AM. A Recycle Utah member will be leading a cleanup along SR224 for 1-2 hours. Events are family-friendly. Trash bags and pick up sticks will be provided. Volunteers are asked to bring their own gloves, masks, closed toe shoes, and reusable water bottles.

    Individuals and groups that would like to cleanup on their own can pick up gear from Recycle Utah (1951 Woodbine Way, Park City, UT 84068) anytime from 10AM-12PM on Sept. 18 to borrow trash grabbers and bags. Recycle Utah staff can let volunteers know where to go around Park City for cleanups.

    Recycle Utah is also renting out trash grabbers, vests, and bags throughout the Pack It Out Utah event (Sept. 11-19) for groups and individuals that have a specific location in mind. Call them at 435-649-9698 to reserve cleanup equipment.
    When: September 11 - 19, 2021
    Pick-up location: 1951 Woodbine Way, Park City, UT 84068

    Cleanup hosted by Color County Anglers, Trout Unlimited Chapter 187
    Where: Beaver River Canyon (Along Highway 153) near the power plant
    When: Saturday, September 11, 2021 from 9AM - Finished
    Meet with Tom Biller and Dave Tall the morning of the cleanup. They will be picking up the trash near the power plant in Beaver River Canyon.

    AmeriCorps 9/11 National Day of Service Cleanup hosted by Green River Pact

    Where: TBD - Focusing on Main Street and our city & baseball parks

    When: Saturday, September 11, 2021 from TBD


    2. If you cannot attend a local event, you can also collect trash in your neighborhood or at a local park, trail, or waterway. No matter where you live, you are in a watershed. Everything we do in a watershed affects the water quality, so anywhere trash is collected will have a positive impact on water quality and your local environment.

    Check out our map of suggested locations to collect trash. Sites are still being added. 

    Disclaimer: Trash disposal sites have different rules and availability. If you are taking the trash to a local facility, make sure to research and/or contact the facility first to be sure you can bring and dispose of the trash at that location.



    How to Get Involved

    Sign up here. This will help us track how many awesome participants join the statewide Utah cleanup.


    Tracking Trash Collection and Submitting Data

    Download and print out our Trash Collection Data Sheet to record the trash you collect.trash-collection-data-sheet

    • While you collect trash, fill in the data sheet.
    • When you're done, use a scale or your best estimate to record the total weight of the trash you collected.
    • Dispose of the trash you collected properly in an appropriate container or at a waste disposal site. When possible, remember to recycle.
    • Submit your total trash collected through one of the options below. Share your results and encourage others to participate!


    Volunteers can submit their total trash collected two* ways: PIOU submission form

    1. Fill out our submission form online.
    2. Scan or take a photo of your completed data sheet and send it to


    *You can submit your total final weight of trash collected and do not have to track each piece of trash separately. Our data sheet offers the option of tracking each piece of trash to help volunteers estimate the total weight if they do not have access to a scale. You may also participate in a group and send in the total weight of trash collected as a group.

    *If you participate in a local clean-up event, use the event organizer's preferred tracking method. They will either have you submit your total trash collected through our submission form or submit it to them. If you submit to the event organizers, they will submit the total trash collected for the event as a whole to us at the end.


    Share Your Results & Get Others to Join!volunteers collecting trash near river

    Take photos and video of your trash collection progress, then send them to us! We will share them throughout the event on our social media platforms.

    You can send us photos three ways:

    1. Upload them along with your trash collection totals on our submission form.
    2. Email them to us at
    3. Share them on social media! See how below.

    Share your cleanup progress and success on social media to encourage others to take initiative and act as stewards of our watersheds and public lands.

    Use #PackItOutUtah and #PackItOutUtah2021 on social media to to help us track how much trash is collected statewide and which areas of the state have been cleaned up. Make sure to tag us using @usuwaterqualityextension on Facebook and @utahwaterwatch on Instagram. We will be sharing your cleanup efforts on our platforms throughout the event!

    Here are some ways you can share your results on social:

    1. Share before and after photos of your cleanup site.
    2. Share a selfie or photos of your cleanup progress.
    3. Film a short video at your trash collection site explaining why it’s important to keep our waterways clean and share. You can also create an IG Reel and tag us, or TikTok and send it to us!


    Trash Disposalvolunteer throwing away trash

    Collecting trash is only part of the work. Disposing the trash properly is just as important! When possible, remember to recycle.

    There are two ways to dispose of trash:

    1. Throw the trash away in your at-home garbage can.
      • When possible, sort out any recyclable items and throw them into a recycling bin before disposing of trash.
    2. Find a local garbage/waste disposal facility. Check out our map for some suggested waste disposal locations.
      • If you are taking the trash to a local facility, make sure to research and/or contact the facility first to be sure you can bring and dispose of the trash at that location.


    Safety Considerations:

    • Be prepared for working in an outside environment. Wear layers and bring sunscreen, water, and hand sanitizer.
    • Wear gloves or use a tool like a shovel or grabber while picking up trash.
    • Wash your hands thoroughly when done.
    • Do not pick up any items that may be dangerous (broken glass, rusty metal, needles, medications, etc.).
    • Be careful and aware of your surrounds when picking up trash near roads and waterways. Potential hazards to look out for include poisonous plants, fishing line and hooks, animals holes, tripping hazards, barbed wire, and sharp items such as glass or needles.
    • Respect living things and private property boundaries while collecting trash. Do not throw away others' possessions, including items considered the possession of transients or located in homeless encampments.


    COVID-19 Precautions: Follow your current local health guidelines and updates. Remember to bring hand sanitizer and wash hands thoroughly after returning home.


    Thank You to Our Partners!

    This event is made possible thanks to the support of many amazing partner organizations statewide. A huge thank you to all our partners! This would not be possible without you. We're still adding partners daily!

    Swaner Preserve & EcoCenter Save Our Canyons Utah Water Watch
    Friends of Great Salt Lake The Trails Cache Jordan River Commission
    Seven Canyons Trust Recycle Utah Provo River Watershed Council
    Cottonwood Canyons Foundation Tracy Aviary Fish for Garbage
    Sunrise Movement - SLC Aggie Blue Bikes Central Wasatch Commission
    City of Cottonwood Heights Utah Department of Agriculture and Food Tracy Aviary & Jordan River Nature Center
    The Wildlife Society (USU Chapter) Alta Environmental Center Color Country Anglers - Trout Unlimited Chapter 187
    Backcountry Hunters and Anglers (USU Chapter) UServe Utah Utah Conservation Corps
    Pliking Utah Common Ground Outdoor Adventures Friends of Alta
    Green River Pact Park City Municipal

    American Fisheries Society (USU Chapter)