Small Trees

Common Name Botanical Name Description
Common Hackberry Celtis Occidentalis Upright growth habit, may exceed 40-50ft
Netleaf Hackberry Celtis Reticulata Canyon/wash small tree
Honey Mesquite  Prosopis Glandulosa Good Desert Tree
Mimosa Albizia Julibrissin Not long-lived
Glossy Privet Ligustrum Lucidum May suffer in full sun
Japanese Pagoda Sophora Japonica  Heat tolerant
Photinia Photinia Fraseri Sensitive to iron deficiency
Singleleaf Ash Fraxinum Anomala Native to canyons and stream beds
Hawthorne Crataegus Sp. Requires moderate watering
Sweet Gum Liquidambar Styraciflua Not good in alkaline soils
Tuilip Tree (Poplar) Liriodendron Tulipifera Requires slightly acidic soil
Golden Raintree Koelreuteria Paniculata Well adapted to St. George
Acacia Acacia sp. Not adapted to colder areas
Bird of Paradise Heliconia sp. Small blooming ornamental
Loquat Loquat deFlexia Not good in full sun
Loquat Loquat Japonica Produces edible fruit