Large Trees

Common Name Botanical Name Description
Arizona Ash Fraxinus Veluntina Withstands hot, dry conditions, Lows -10°
Fan-Tex Ash Fraxinu Veluntina 'Rio Grande' Foliage resistant to wind burn
Modesto Fraxinus Veluntina 'Modesto' Subject to heat scorch, hot as hardy as others
Raywood Ash Fraxinus Veluntina 'Raywood' Foliage sensitive to high wind
Montebello Ash Fraxinus Veluntina 'Coracea' Native of Southern California
Honey Locust Gleditsia Triacanthos inemis 'Shademaster' Good Street Tree
Live Oak Quercus Virginia Adapted well to low desert areas
Cork Oak Quercus Suber May see cold injury in less than Zone 5
Holly Oak Quercus Ilex May be trained or sheared
Idaho Locus Robinia Ambiqua Idahoensis Bright purple showy flowers
Chinese Elm Ulmus Parvifolia Fast grower, can handle wide range of climates
Chinese Pistache Pistacia Chinesis Moderate Grower, handles alkaline soils
Bloodgood Sycamore Plantanus Acerifolia Large tree, heavy trunk, large hairy leaves
Italian Alder Alnus Cordata Handles wide range of zones, needs water