Washington County 4-H Horse Program

USU Washington County Extension Office at 435-634-2693

The 4-H Horse Program is for youth in 3rd grade and up, and at least 8 years of age. Participants must have their own horse, tack, and transportation to and from events. This program covers western riding and speed events such as ranch riding, showmanship, poles, barrels, keyhole, and much more. We host a total of 6 shows per year; 3 being Judged shows and 3 being speed shows. You can choose to start your own club with friends and family or join an existing club. Contact the USU Washington County 4-H Office to see what is available.

The cost for the program is $35 and includes insurance, awards, and activities.


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The 4-H Working Ranch Horse Program provides an opportunity for youth to be involved in western horsemanship activities beyond the traditional show ring. Participants learn the age-old techniques of handling livestock while on horseback. Activities include Cattle Sorting, Reining Working Cow Horse, and Roping.


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The Utah 4-H Equine English Program is an excellent avenue for youth to get involved with the basics of English riding. From equitation to hunt seat, riders will learn the proper balance and timing that comes with English riding. Youth also get the opportunity to exhibit what they have learned through county and state horse shows.


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This program is for youth that do not have a horse or who are looking at purchasing a horse, and want to learn more about what it takes. This is a fun hands-on program where youth will be able to interact with a horse and learn more about the parts of a horse, colors and breeds, the tack, and even riding styles. This program is offered twice a year depending on local interest and volunteer availability. If you are interested, please contact the USU Washington County Extension Office.

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The Utah 4-H Western Horse Program focuses on teaching youth to work with a project horse throughout the year, and be tested on their equine knowledge. The youth are given the opportunity to show their horses in multiple western disciplines including western horsemanship, showmanship at halter, western pleasure, trail, western riding, and reining. The shows also offer three speed events that may include barrel racing, pole bending, key hole, gymkhana, scurry, and quadrangle. The Western horse program is one of the largest project areas within Utah 4-H.

2023 Show Schedule - All Horse Shows

Show Date Category Details
 Show 1 March 22nd Judge Show Hairy Horse Show (Don’t need to wash your horse)
Test opens at 6:00, mandatory meeting 6:45, show starts at 7:00.
 Show 2 April 14th Speed Show
(Fair Show)
Practice show on your own
Test opens at 6:45, mandatory meeting 7:15, show starts at 7:30.
Show 3 May 10th Judge Show Test opens at 6:00, mandatory meeting 6:45, show starts at 7:00.
Show 4 May 24th Speed Show Test opens at 6:00, mandatory meeting 6:45, show starts at 7:00.
Show 5 June 7th Speed Show
(Hurricane City Area)
Test opens at 7:00, mandatory meeting 7:45, show starts at 8:00.
Show 6 August 2nd Judged Show Test opens at 7:00, mandatory meeting 7:45, show starts at 8:00.

Show Date Time Details
Club Gathering TBA   Jones Family Arena New Harmony

4-H Horse Council

Ben Scow
Ben Scow

Horse Council Coordinator | 4-H Program | Agriculture

Phone: 435 773-8182

Email: benjamin.scow@usu.edu

Christy Jorgensen

Horse Council President

Phone: 435 619-2230

Email: jorgensenchristy@yahoo.com

Kristi Jones
Kristi Jones

Horse Council Pres-Elect

Phone: 435 668-9747

Email: kristijones04@hotmail.com

Kena Frey
Kena Frey

Vice President of Western Horse Shows

Phone: 435 590-2644

Lacee Jessop
Lacee Jessop
Club Leader, Vice President of Judging and Rules

Phone: 435 703-4112
Cassie Champney
Cassie Champney
Club Leader, Vice President of Fundraising/sponsorship/awards, Western Horse Shows

Phone: 435 879-1688
Camille Salsbury
Camille Salsbury
Club Leader, Vice President of Working Ranch Horse

Phone: 435 619-0963

Email: gcrodeo@gmail.com

Heidi Stout
Heidi Stout
Club Leader, Treasure, Volunteers for Western Horse Shows

Phone: 435 467-7663

Email: stuartheidistout@msn.com

Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones
Working Ranch Horse

Phone: 435 703-8248

Horse Bylaws

Message from the Horse Council

Our horse program is a year round program that incorporates on the horse and off the horse education. 4-H is all bout raising kids, not horses. The horse project allows us to teach youth a great deal about responsibility, animal care, team work, training and teaching skills, nutrition, communication and so much more!

In our 4-H Horse Program we encourage participation in a wide range of events. Along with our shows(which are covered below) we hold Public Speaking Demonstrations, Portfolios (record books), Horse Bowl (quiz game), family trail-rides, service projects, and fun games.
4-H is a volunteer organization and parental help is both needed and expected. There is something to do for every ability level. Please let us know how you would like to help.
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