4-H Mountain Biking Club

Washington County

Program Description

The Washington County 4-H Mountain Biking Program is a monthly ride that is open to all youth, age 8-18 who are residents of Washington County. The mission of this program is to cultivate positive attitudes towards mountain biking, healthy living, and a greater appreciation for being active in the outdoors. 4-H programs promote positive youth development. To help our young people become successful young adults, we use the essential elements of youth development: belonging, independence, generosity and mastery. These four elements create the underlying positive structure for participation in 4-H youth development activities. 

Belonging - Positive relationship with a caring adult. A safe and inclusive environment which fosters a sense of belonging in all members.

Independence - Opportunity to see oneself as an active participant in the future. Opportunity to develop a sense of responsibility and influence over one’s choices, as well as the consequences of those choices.

Generosity - Opportunity to value and practice service for others—finding oneself often begins with losing oneself in the service of others

Mastery - Engagement in learning. Opportunity for mastery by building knowledge, skills, wisdom, and attitudes, then demonstrating their use

What do I need?

  • A “can do” attitude!
  • A cross country mountain bike (maintained/functioning)
  • Safety equipment (e.g., helmet, gloves, eye protection, closed-toe shoes, first-aid kit, sunscreen)
  • Bike maintenance supplies (e.g., tubes, hand pump, patch kit, tire levers, master-chain link, chain lube)
  • Water & snacks
  • Clothing appropriate for endurance mountain biking


The annual 4-H membership fee is $10.00/youth age 8-18. Participation is free for all approved adult volunteers.

Participation guidelines

  • A parent or adult must accompany youth on every ride.
  • You are responsible for whomever you bring.
  • Be on time…arrive at trailhead 15 minutes early.
  • All youth must be a 4-H member after their first ride (register)
  • All adults must be approved 4-H volunteers after first ride (register)
  • Subscribe to ride reminders by texting @4hmou to 81010
  • All rides are subject to change, please check website
  • All riders are responsible to transport themselves and their bikes to and from trailhead
  • For youth age 8-18 and adults (with intermediate mountain biking experience)

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4-H Mountain Biking Club Schedule

Date Time Trail Location
10:00 AM Bearclaw Poppy & Snake Pit Loop 11.2 miles Bloomington
10:00 AM

Claim Jumper/Secret Sauce

6.5 miles

Desert Canyons
12:00 PM

Twist & Shout 1.4 miles + Quail Overlook

Quail Creek State Park
10:00 AM Green Valley Race Track 6.4 miles Bloomington
8:00 AM Pushing Tin 5 miles Desert Canyons
8:00 AM Turnpike out and back 9 miles Cedar Mountain
8:00 AM Goosebumps loop 13.3 miles Hurricane Cliffs/Virgin
8:00 AM Grapevine, Dino Cliffs and Church Rocks 9.4 miles

Coral Canyon

8:00 AM Cactus Hugger 8.6 miles Hurricane Cliffs/Virgin
8:00 AM Wire Mesa 7.4 miles Gooseberry Mesa
8:00 AM More Cowbell Hurricane Cliffs