4-H volunteers are the key to a successful 4-H program. They have the unique ability to provide life changing opportunities for youth. 4-H offers an endless amount of opportunities for volunteers. Discover below how you can become involved and make a difference for the youth in your community, and work with your local 4-H staff to find a volunteer position that is right for you!


What Role is Right for You?

Work with local 4-H staff to find a volunteer position that is right for you!

General 4-H Club Leader/Organizational Leader

General leaders serve as a club or community club leader by organizing, enrolling, and leading youth involved in the 4-H program. Organizational leaders take the lead in making sure the youth have a positive experience coordinating with other volunteers.

Activity Leader

Activity leaders volunteer to organize a 4-H activity or event for young people within the club. Activities and events may include club talks, a fashion revue, a community service project, a hiking trip, a showmanship clinic, a talent show, a shooting sports shoot, or even a fundraising activity. Activity leaders serve within a club and organize short-term activities.

Ambassador or Teen Council Advisor

Advisors serve in much the same capacity as club leaders, only working with youth in an ambassador or teen council program. 


Chaperones are adult volunteers who commit themselves to the safety and well-being of the youth participants during a 4-H event or trip. Chaperones are required to participate actively in the program and are trained to practice positive youth-adult partnerships with youth.

Camp or Event Activity Volunteer

Camp or event volunteers are adults who assist with the planning and delivery of USU Extensionhosted camps or events.

Project Leader

Volunteers may choose to lead a club that focuses on one specific project or one that is organized around a specific activity or need. Project leaders use their expertise—whether it is woodworking, computers, cooking, sewing, service, the environment, etc.—to teach young people. If they work with a general/organizational Leader, a project leader’s time commitment is for preparation and time spent teaching the project.

SPIN Club or Discover 4-H Club Leader

Volunteers may choose to lead a club that focuses on a special interest ("spin") or a Discover 4-H Curriculum that will only last for a short period of time (approximately 6 hours). Like a project leader, they use their expertise to teach young people within a short-term club setting.

Short-Term/Episodic Volunteers

This group of volunteers includes individuals who volunteer for a short period of time or periodically stepin and assist with specific programs and/or activities.

Leader’s Council/Board Member

Those that participate as a board member or volunteer on the Leader’s Council serve to oversee certain aspects of 4-H programs, for example: fair boards, advisory boards, fundraising boards, scholarship boards, etc.

Resources and Trainings