Start Seeds the Right Way With This Expert Advice

With spring on the horizon, it’s time to get excited about gardening! If you are starting seeds, you should get going now. Give your seedlings the best chance possible by doing it the right way. Sheriden Hansen, Horticulturist with the USU Extension, shares everything you need to do to get your seeds started. 

How to Start Seeds

Equipment you need:

  • Light - pickup an inexpensive light, a full spectrum light that you would put in a shop.
  • Put it 2-3 inches above plants.
  • Use a heat mat to help raise the temperature of the soil.
  • Use containers with drainage.
  • Soil- a nice fine soil that is very light weight.
  • A plastic cover to go over your seed tray to keep the moisture in and the humidity up.

Set it up in your house, book shelf, or garage.

Seed depth is important: plant your seeds 2 times deeper than the seed is wide.

Benefits to starting seeds early:

  • Can get funky varieties.
  • Gives you control over what you plant.
  • Great project for kids.

When taking to the garden harden things off- toughen up the leaves to get them ready for cooler temperatures.

Set them out in the daytime and bring them in at night.

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