Fall Is the Time to Plant Bulbs so You'll Have Them Blooming by Spring

October is the perfect time to plant those spring-blooming bulbs like tulips and daffodils.
Assemble your tools and bulbs (make sure they are healthy without mold) and get them planted before the soil freezes. For a beautiful splash of color, plant them in mass rather than scattering them 1 by 1.

Buying a High-Quality Bulb

  • Check to see that it has a nice paper covering.
  • Check each bulb in the package for quality.

Planting Bulbs

  • Plant them at least 2 times deeper than the height of the bulb.
  • Plant about 4-6 inches into the ground.

Making Your Bulbs Pop

  • Plant in groups of three to five next to each other.
  • Plant them no more than 2 inches apart.
  • Water only one time before the winter.

Storing Your Bulbs

  • Keep in a cool place like a cellar or garage.
  • Cover up with a garbage bag and tape if left outside.

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